TODAY: Mon, Apr 2- Group Shots & T-Shirts

If you have not already documented the T-shirts you’all wore today, then please upload photos to the Class Blog or send to me via Email:

Thanks much!

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FOUND: Group 9’s Field Research

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Made a number of changes, mostly to clean up the course categories so they are more readily accessible, especially ‘Grading’ & ‘Projects’ categories.

Make SPECIAL NOTE of Project 7: Final Proposal, listed under ‘Grading’ & ‘Projects’

1) Have NOT received Groups 8 or 9’s Project 5: Social Marketing or Field Research
2) Have NOT received Group 3,4,7’s (last week) Project 6: Final Presentation hard or digital copies for grading

Weighting of Assignments

1. Poster (5%): definition of Design for Public Awareness
2. Creative Brief (10%)
3. Mini-Presentation (10%)
4. Research & Development i.e. Annotated Bibliography (10%)
5. Social Marketing Plan ie Field Research + Draft of Plan (10%)-
6. Final Group Presentation of Proposal (20%= 15% presentation + 5% group)- Weeks 11-13
7. Group Project Final Documentation (20%= 15% presentation + 5% group))- Week 14, Apr 9

8. Participation: Entire Semester (15%)- Weekly

9. Extra Credit: Design Manifesto or Journal= +10%

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URGENT: Presentations NOT due next Mon, March 12

Because I’ve been gone for the past two weeks, I’m moving back ALL presentations by ONE week.

March 19

March 26

April 2

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NEW DATE for Final Presentation Hand-ins!

Due Tues, Apr 10 @1030a-1230p in Design Office (b’c of Easter Monday)

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Final Presentation Hand-ins

Please remember to bring HARD COPY PRINTOUTS and DIGITAL PDFs to hand-in at end of class.

Missing Groups: 9, 3,4,7


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Lev Manovich: Visual Data Mining for Design & Art

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